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Message from Board of Directors Chair

Dear Friends of the Communities We Serve,
Our success, past, present and future, continues to be dependent upon our dedicated employees, medical staff, and volunteers at Longmont United Hospital. From creative scheduling to flexible benefits, we conscientiously demonstrate our appreciation and commitment to our staff so they can concentrate on providing unique options and extraordinary care for all of our patients and communities we serve. All of us on the Board of Longmont United Hospital are very proud of the achievements made in the past. We will continue to strive to provide high-quality health services in a caring, safe, and cost-effective manner. We will also remain flexible and adaptive to the ever-changing environment around us. We are proud of the accomplishments and dedication of the employees, medical staff and volunteers of Longmont United Hospital and look forward to the years ahead by continuing to improve the health of our communities and putting our patients first.

Clair Volk,
Chairperson, Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Clair Volk


    Clair Volk, Chairperson
  • Mike Kirkland

    Vice Chairperson

    Mike Kirkland, Vice Chairperson
  • Richard Lyons

    Former Chairperson

    Richard Lyons, Former Chairperson
  • Mitchell Carson

    President & CEO

    Mitchell Carson, President & CEO
  • Tom Chapman


    Tom Chapman, Secretary
  • Charlotte Tyson


    Charlotte Tyson, Treasurer
  • Anton Dworak

    Board of Directors

    Anton Dworak, Board of Directors
  • Herbert Ogden, M.D.

    Board of Directors

    Herbert Ogden, Board of Directors
  • Edwina Salazar

    Assistant Secretary

    Edwina Salazar, Assistant Secretary
  • Mark Hinman, M.D.

    Board of Directors

    Mark Hinman, Board of Directors
  • Mark Pillmore

    Board of Directors

    Mark Pillmore, Board of Directors

Leadership Council

  • Mitchell Carson

    President & CEO

    Mitchell Carson, President & CEO
    Mitchell Carson, President & CEO

    Mitchell Carson

    President & CEO

    Mitchell C. Carson, President, CEO, and Board Member of Longmont United Hospital, has over 35 years of healthcare leadership experience. Prior to joining Longmont United Hospital in 2001, Mr. Carson served as President and Board member of Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana. During his service, the 500-bed flagship hospital of the Cardinal Health System received designation as one of America’s Top 100 Hospitals and is now a part of the Indiana University Health System.

    Mr. Carson received a Bachelor of Arts with cum laude recognition in Hospital Administration at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Mr. Carson also received a Master of Arts in Hospital and Health Administration at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Mr. Carson is Board Certified in Healthcare Management, a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, and Past President of the University of Iowa Graduate Program in Healthcare Administration Alumni Organization.

    Mr. Carson is currently a Board member of the Longmont Area Economic Council, and the Educational Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley. Mr. Carson is also Chairman of the Friends of Colorado Hospitals Board for the Colorado Hospital Association. He is a member of the Endowment Committee at Faith Community Lutheran Church. In 2012, Mr. Carson was selected for the Carl Turner Citizen of the Year Award by the Longmont Association of Realtors.

  • Dan Frank

    Chief Financial Officer

    Dan Frank, Chief Financial Officer
  • Nancy Driscoll

    Chief Nursing Officer

    Nancy Driscoll, Chief Nursing Officer
  • John Tynes, MD

    Chief Medical Officer

    John Tynes, Chief Medical Officer

Medical Staff Officers

  • Wyatt Hall, M.D.

    Chief of Staff

    Wyatt Hall, Chief of Staff
  • Sachin Talusani, M.D.

    Chief of Staff Elect

    Sachin Talusani, Chief of Staff Elect
  • Amy Johnson, M.D.

    Immediate Past Chief of Staff

    Amy Johnson, Immediate Past Chief of Staff

Clinical Services Chairs

  • Andy Johanos, M.D.

    Emergency Medicine

    Andy Johanos, Emergency Medicine
  • Jackie Gould, M.D.


    Jackie Gould, Medicine
  • Dawn Pavot, M.D.


    Dawn Pavot, Radiology/Pathology
  • Nirav Shah, D.O.


    Nirav Shah, Surgery

Medical Staff Committee Chairs

  • Wyatt Hall, M.D.

    Medical Executive Committee

    Wyatt Hall, Medical Executive Committee
  • Lisa Turner, M.D.

    Credentials Committee

    Lisa Turner, Credentials Committee
  • Daniel Escajeda, M.D.

    Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee

    Daniel Escajeda, Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee
  • Hans Elzinga, M.D.

    Quality Review Committee

    Hans Elzinga, Quality Review Committee

Medical Staff Representative to the Board of Directors

  • Herbert Ogden, M.D.

    Herbert Ogden,

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