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Longmont Loves Local Campaign

Campaign Overview

In July 2016, Longmont United Hospital launched a campaign to celebrate and highlight the local roots of this community. The campaign has been branded “Longmont Loves Local” and will showcase and partner with local businesses while inviting others to do so as well. Longmont is rich with history and our campaign encourages residents and businesses to tell their stories. By telling the stories of our local community, we hope to strengthen the foundation and unity of Longmont.


  • Strengthen and build relationships among local businesses including Longmont United Hospital.
  • Promote and focus on local businesses to create and grow a sense of community.
  • Nurture a healthy community in every way—supporting healthy lifestyles and the local economy.
  • Celebrate and showcase the heritage and history of Longmont.

The Logo

Just as the town of Longmont was named in honor of a Long’s Peak, a quintessential landmark of the Longmont area, the Longmont Loves Local logo highlights this key landmark. We hope that this logo will speak to our community and garner support for all things local.

Excited about this campaign? Here are a few ways you can be a part of it:

  • Display the Longmont Loves Local logo proudly—on your car, on your water bottle, on your shirt, on you!
  • Follow us on social media
  • Tell us your story about what Longmont means to you
  • Distribute collateral at your local business

For more information about the Longmont Loves Local campaign and how you can get involved, please contact our Communications Department at 303-678-4036.

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