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Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Program will fund publicly supported, tax-exempt nonprofit agencies, programs and organizations that directly compliment the mission and vision of Longmont United Hospital. The Hospital values its relationships with the communities it serves and the opportunity to participate as a community member.

Types of Community Outreach
  • Monetary
  • In-kind
  • Volunteers
  • Community services, such as anti-violence, anti-drug, etc.

Consideration for support will be dependent on the following:

  1. Support of health and wellness to benefit the health of our community
  2. Alignment with our mission, vision, core values and strategic priorities
  3. Longmont United Hospital’s brand awareness and/or health education messages to target audience(s)

Preference will be given to those requests that satisfy the following:

  1. Health screenings / preventive offerings to target audience(s)
  2. Promotional value to Longmont United Hospital

Organizations may submit only ONE sponsorship application per year, which may include a request for more than one purpose. We understand there may be exceptions from time-to-time.

Other Selection Criteria
  • Target Groups. What age groups will benefit from this community outreach? How many people are expected to participate? How many will benefit?
  • Community Priority. Is the event an important part of the community’s fabric and culture. Does the community value support of the program, event or organization?
  • Commitment Length. Is it a one-time community outreach? Or a long-term commitment?
  • History. Have we partnered with this event/group in the past?
  • Visibility. How many people will this reach? How will we receive visibility among our target audiences? How will the outreach be perceived?
  • Involvement. Is Longmont United Hospital involved with the group? Is it an existing community partner?
  • Economic. The community’s economic health directly correlates with the economic health of Longmont United Hospital. Does the organization requesting the support play a large part in the community’s economic health? Does the outreach directly support economic stimulus efforts?
  • Core Communities: Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties.
Core Organizations

Within each of the core communities, the following organizations should be considered for funding, assuming the organization or special event does not represent a point of view contrary to Longmont United Hospital’s values:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Economic Development Council
  • Public School System
  • Free health clinics
  • Legitimate, health-related non-profit organizations
  • Community partners as listed in the current Strategic Plan
Requests Not Eligible
  • Deficit financing
  • Advertising
  • Membership fees or association fees, either personal or corporate
  • Individuals for participation in trips, tours, workshops, contests or competitions
  • Individual travel or elite sports teams (entire recreation leagues are acceptable)
  • Political campaigns, candidates, parties or partisan activities
  • Fraternal, church or labor groups
  • Family foundations
  • Projects/programs outside of our primary service area
  • Projects/programs already completed
Application Process

Applications are due by November 1 the prior calendar year. Forms received after this date will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be submitted eight weeks before any promotion/advertising of your event is expected to begin. Applications must be typed and include:

  • Letter of intent
  • Completed Longmont United Hospital Community Outreach Application
  • Attachments:
    • Federal Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Letter
    • Most Recent Audited Financial Statement or Annual report
    • A list of the current Board of Directors and their affiliations
    • Letters of support (maximum of 5) are not required, but are strongly suggested
    • Summary of previous year’s event (if applicable)

Applicants will be notified within 45 days of the deadline as to the outcome of their sponsorship application. Longmont United Hospital may decide to partially fund any request.

Application Evaluation

Our selection committee considers the following factors when reviewing applications:

  • Eligibility – 501(c)(3) letter of verification
  • The need addressed in the proposal
  • The potential benefits of the project to the community
  • The capability of the proposing organization to achieve the desired results
  • Evidence of cooperation with other organizations in the same field, or organizations assisting with or supporting the project
  • The extent and sources of other funds being sought and/or raised for the project

Applicants will be notified within 45 days of the deadline as to the outcome of their request.

Responsibility as a Community Outreach Recipient

All recipients must comply with the following requirements:

  • We want to hear how it went. Submit a Follow-up Report to Longmont United Hospital within 90 days of project completion along with financial statement, all print advertisement (actual newspaper, flyer, etc. – not a copy), and copies of all final brochures or programs.
  • Recipients who do not comply will not be considered for future sponsorship for a period of time to be determined by Longmont United Hospital.