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Patients, Employees and Visitors tell their experiences…


Testimonials-Laura | Longmont United Hospital Tricia H., RN
“At Longmont United Hospital, I really feel valued as a nurse. We are able to be the manager of our patient’s care and really be able to make each patients care unique and different. We are able to work with each patient in creating the labor and delivery experience that they wished to have.” April 2011

Testimonials-Brad and Christine | Longmont United Hospital Brad and Christine, New Parents – BirthPlace
“All the nurses were wonderful. They were all great and helped me feel at ease as a first time mom.” Christine

“I didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home. It was so comfortable here and there was always a person to help us and answer questions. We had really good care.” Brad, April 2011
Testimonials - Irma | Longmont United Hospital Irma M., Patient -BirthPlace
“I had a great experience at Longmont United Hospital. From the day I was admitted to the day I discharged. The rooms are very welcoming, and the nurses were great.” April 2011


Testimonials - Cindy | Longmont United Hospital Cindy R., RN
“Our goal here at Longmont United Hospital is to make sure that we are working well as a team so we can deliver the quality care that we want for the patients. We want them to feel a part of what is going on with their loved ones. Part of our job is to help explain what we can do in the moment to relieve the pain or what procedure they are going for to make sure that they completely understand that procedure.
What makes us different here at Longmont United Hospital is the team.” December 2009

Patty S., Patient - Heart
Testimonials-Patty | Longmont United Hospital “It’s a beautiful hospital. If I had to go anywhere, I would go here. They are kind and gentle and they know what they are doing. They make you feel very special. It’s just a great hospital.
This was the best experience I’ve ever had.” December 2009

Testimonials-Laura | Longmont United Hospital Laura S., RN
“There is longevity with the staff which allows us to really train nurses to know the equipment and be on the cutting edge. They know and help each other meet the needs of the patient. I think that is what Longmont does really well. If you have a team that works well together, they are going to come together in a crisis. And they are going to come together to prevent a crisis. There are just some team dynamics that can end up saving lives. At Longmont United Hospital, we care about you when you're here and when you are at home. We are unique in that we are a Planetree organization- patient-centered care through the patient’s eyes.” December 2009

Testimonials-Dean | Longmont United Hospital Dean S., Cardiac Catheterization Lab
“With our procedures and the data we gather, we’re 99 percent sure of what’s happening to that patient’s heart. It is amazing to see someone come in really sick, in really critical condition, and within an hour to hour and a half, we have turned them around.

If you come to Longmont United Hospital, you’ll get the best treatment that is out there.” December 2009

Emergency Department

Testimonials-Emergency Department 2013 | Longmont United Hospital JC M. – Patient, Emergency Department
"I came into the emergency department with an injury that required immediate attention. My experience from the beginning and throughout the whole process of my time at Longmont United Hospital was amazing. The care and compassion I received from everyone that was involved was above and beyond my expectations. Knowing that my fiancé was being communicated to and that everyone was very concerned about her was very comforting to me as well. I can’t say enough about how great the staff was - everyone from the Emergency Department technicians, to the nurses, to the surgeon. They listened to my concerns and did everything to accommodate my needs.” September 2013


Mary T., Patient – Hip Replacement
“I had a full hip replacement. I made an exceptional recovery. I just thought that everyone was very professional. The thing that I like about Longmont United Hospital is the atmosphere, the friendliness, the attentiveness that everybody gives their patients. It makes it comfortable for everyone.” April 2010

Other Services

Physical Therapy Patients

“I worked with Ember - she did a great job explaining things and helping me walk again after knee surgery. The clinic is clean and a pleasant environment.” March 2010

“I was always satisfied with my physical therapy and feel Ember did everything I needed to rehab my knee and meet all my goals.” March 2010

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Patient

“I arrived to visit a respiratory therapy clinical student and found myself very impressed by your staff. From the information desk staff to the respiratory therapists and Jennifer, everyone has been extremely professional and kind. THANKS!” March 2010