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Laboratory Services at Longmont United Hospital

Longmont United Hospital Laboratory is a full service clinical laboratory dedicated to providing high-quality laboratory services in the most responsive way. Our three board certified pathologists, Doctors Carlyne D. Cool, Todd M. DeBoom & Dawn R. Pavot, lead the registered and highly trained laboratory staff. The laboratory maintains current accreditation with the College of American Pathologists and The Joint Commission.

If you would like additional information on any of our services or if you have questions, please call the LUH laboratory at 303-651-5076.

Anatomic Pathology

The Anatomic Pathology Department is directed by our pathologists. The Histology laboratory is staffed with ASCP registered histotechnologists. Cytology services are also offered in Anatomic Pathology. ASCP registered cytotechnologists prepare and evaluate non-gyn specimens, as well as screen conventional and ThinPrep© pap smears.

Blood Bank

The Blood Bank offers complete testing and transfusion services. Blood and blood products are obtained from Belle Bonfils Blood Center in Denver.

Clinical Laboratory

The Clinical Pathology Laboratory is staffed by board-certified Medical Technologists and Technicians who perform a comprehensive menu of testing procedures in Hematology, Urinalysis, Chemistry, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Immunochemistry, Serology and Microbiology.

Physician Requested Lab Services

If you are a physician and would like to order LUH lab services, click here to access our Physician Ordering System - eRequest.

Laboratory Test Directory

Patient Requested Lab Services

If you are a patient and would like to use LUH for lab services, please follow this link for additional information and pricing: Patient Requested Lab Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

Most lab tests are performed on a walk-in basis. The two exceptions to this are glucose tolerance testing and paternity test collections. For these tests please call the laboratory to schedule an appointment.

How do lab tests help maintain your health?

The quality and accuracy of your laboratory test results are used by your doctor to diagnose your health, develop a course of treatments, if needed, and measure the effectiveness of your treatments. Did you know that 70% of the measurable data in your medical record are laboratory results? When your lab work is performed by Longmont United Hospital Laboratory, the results become part of your comprehensive medical record and are used to make important diagnostic and treatment decisions that affect your health.

Who will perform your lab tests?

All laboratory testing is not equal. At Longmont United Hospital testing is performed by registered and highly qualified laboratory personnel. These are the same people that perform your laboratory tests when you are in the hospital. We care about the impact your health has on you and your family because we are part of your community.

How accessible is the Longmont United Hospital Laboratory to you and your physician?

When your physician has a question about your laboratory tests, they turn to the professionals they know personally- the pathologists at Longmont United Hospital. Our Laboratory team consists of board-certified pathologists, ASCP certified Medical Technologists, Cytologists, Histotechnologists, and a highly experienced team of phlebotomists.

What if I want to have a blood test but I don't have a physician?

A physician's order is usually required for any laboratory testing with the exception of the tests offered in the Patient Requested Lab Services. The laboratory recommends finding a physician with any general health question.

Do I need to check in at registration every time I come in for a lab test?

Each time you come in for testing your insurance company sees it as an individual visit. They require that you have a new account number, insurance verification, and your consent for treatment for each visit.

Where is registration and how do I get there?

When you come to Longmont United Hospital please utilize the FREE valet parking that we offer to all of our patients and visitors. Simply drive to the main entrance and our friendly parking attendants will keep your car safe until you are ready to leave. Our valet service operates Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

To find out how to get to Registration, go to the information desk in the main lobby. The volunteer staff will either give you directions or escort you to Registration.

Should I take medications before my blood draw?

It depends on the medication and how it is taken. Please ask your doctor about your medications before your lab draw.

My paperwork says to be fasting. What does that mean?

For fasting blood work, you do not eat or drink anything except water for 8-12 hours before your blood draw. Also, please refrain from chewing gum or using tobacco products.

Do I have to fast for my test?

Many lab tests require fasting, however your physician should tell you whether to fast for your lab tests. If you're not sure, please check with your physician. Generally, all glucose, cholesterol or lipid testing require an 8-12 hour fast.

Can I get a copy of my results?

You have a right to get a copy of any of your test results from our Medical Records Department. An Authorization to Release Protected Health Information will be requested by the Medical Records Department, giving us legal permission to give you a copy of your laboratory results. Results are not usually ready immediately, so you may need to come back to the laboratory to get your results.
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When will my physician have my results?

The tests you have taken will determine how quickly your physician will get your completed results. Some results are available within hours, while others take a few days to complete. The laboratory electronically delivers results to the physicians. When all the tests requested are completed, the results will be electronically sent to your physician.

What do my results mean? Who will explain them to me?

Only your physician can interpret your results and what they mean for you. For general information on laboratory tests and what they mean, go to

How much blood will be drawn?

We know it looks like a lot, but it's really not! A typical tube holds about 1 teaspoon of blood. A typical person has about 14 pints of blood in their body, which is about 1,344 teaspoons. Even if we draw more than one tube of blood, you can see that it's not very much compared to how much you have in your body.

Does Longmont United Hospital offer paternity testing?

We don't perform paternity testing here at Longmont United Hospital Laboratory, but we will collect specimens for private companies if you arrange for testing. Please call the laboratory for a list of companies that you can contact to set up paternity testing.

Longmont United Hospital is a member of Carent Laboratory Solutions. Carent Laboratory Solutions is a consortium of community-based, non-profit hospitals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and diagnostic services to the communities they serve.

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