Longmont United Hospital and Individual Health Plans


Contact: Kirsten Pfotenhauer, Communications Manager

Longmont United Hospital and Individual Health Plans

Centura Health and Longmont United Hospital are very committed to the communities we serve. We work hard to ensure our facilities, and specifically Longmont United Hospital, are part of health insurance product offerings by all health plans in Colorado. Unfortunately, Anthem and Cigna have elected to build health insurance products for the Connect for Health Colorado health insurance exchange which exclude Centura Health and Longmont United Hospital in the Denver metropolitan area, Boulder County and Longmont. We have expressed a willingness to work with these health plans to no avail.

Individuals who buy their health insurance outside of the exchange can still find plans that place us in-network. In life threatening situations, any insurance is accepted at Centura Health emergency rooms. Also, for those who have Medicare supplement plans, Longmont United Hospital will continue to be covered as an in-network plan.

Longmont United Hospital is deeply committed to the communities of Longmont and North Boulder. This past spring, Longmont United Hospital and Centura Health began conversations with health insurers Cigna and Anthem to be part of their Longmont networks.

Despite our requests, in plans filed with the Division of Insurance, Anthem and Cigna individual and small group health plans for Longmont residents exclude Centura Health and Longmont United Hospital. This limitation only applies to plans sold through Connect for Health Colorado exchange, and does not impact residents of South Boulder. All told, less than 10,000 people buy health insurance through the exchange in Boulder County, and a further fraction of those residents live in Longmont.

We at Longmont United Hospital have been loving Longmont locals for more than 50 years, and we are as dismayed by this as are our friends and neighbors. Although only a small percentage of Longmont locals are affected, any inconvenience to the medical care of any person is regrettable. As the only full-service hospital in our community, we find it disappointing that we are not able to offer high-quality, convenient and patient-centered care to every single Longmont resident.

To rectify the situation, Centura Health is partnering with a new health insurer Bright Health as our exclusive provider. It is our intention that by next year, Bright Health will offer individual insurance on the exchange Longmont residents.

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