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My Hospital Checklist

We sincerely hope that you and your family stay healthy and don't require a stay in our hospital. However, if you do find yourself at our hospital, we strive to make the experience as positive as possible. Our Patient and Family Advisory Committee helped to develop the My Hospital Checklist for our patients and their families to help prepare you for your stay here.

Often, patients arrive critically ill or injured and need help processing what is happening. Whether it is a complex diagnosis, new medications, treatmens or follow up care, we want to help you understand the information you've been given. My Hospital Checklist provides suggestions and information below that will prepare you for a potential hospital visit and help guide you during your stay and after you return home. At the bottom of this page we have also provided this document as a pdf for you to print for your own reference.

  1. All patients need a personal representative whether it is a loved one or someone else you can trust. This person will support you, hel pyou process informaton and assit with communication.
  2. Have a pen and paper to write questions or information.
  3. Bring a LIST of all the medications and supplements you take at home. The hospital will provide you with all your needed medications. You need to ask your doctor before taking any of your own medications.
  4. After admission, ask for the names of your hospitalist and/or other doctors.
  5. Ask the nurses, staff and doctors to knock before entering your room and to introduce themselves.
  6. The whiteboard in your room will list the names of your healthcare team and critical information you need to know. If it needs to be updated, ask your nurse to do so.
  7. Be sure you have a copy of the LUH Patient Guide. It contains a wealth of valuable information.
  8. Ask your doctor: What is my main diagnosis? Are there any other newly diagnosed issues? Express any fears and anxieties you have. Don't let the anxiety or worry build up. Your healthcare team is there to help!
  9. Ask your nurse and/or doctor regularly: How am I doing? Are my illnesses responding to treatment? How can I help myself with recovery and healing?
  10. Ask the nurse or doctor about reviewing your medical chart for test results, your diagnosis, treatment plan or other information about your health and health needs. Ask how you can view this once you return home from the hospital.
  11. Ask for help when needed. This may include your family and friends. Your dependence on others will probably be temporary, but these people are an important part of your treatment team and contribute to the success of your recovery.
  12. Ask to see the nurse manager or charge nurse if you experience any issues with your care, doctor or communication about your condition. The sooner the better!
  13. Before you go home, reivew the discharge information in the Patient Guide and the instructions given to you by your nurse. Be sure you fully understand the instructions.
  14. Ask to speak with someone who can help you with billing or insurance questions, if needed.
  15. Before going home, you will receive a phone number you can call for any questions you have after you return home.

This information was developed by the Patient and Family Advisory Council at Longmont United Hospital.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above information, please consult with your healthcare provider.

To print a copy of this checklist, click here.

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