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BirthPlace Testimonials

Natural Birth & Birthing Plan

BirthPlace - baby | Longmont United Hospital

“I spoke to Dr. Keene about wanting to have a natural birth and she was very supportive of my birth choices.” Mindy G.

“I decided to birth at Longmont United Hospital because of my OB, Dr. Amy Johnson. I chose Amy because of her views on natural birth.” Tracie C.

“I had read of stories about hospitals not being supportive of natural births, but that was not the case at Longmont United Hospital’s BirthPlace. I felt the nurses were very respectful of my choice and we were given a lot of privacy throughout the birth to labor as I wanted.” Rebekah C.

“I loved that before I ever went into labor the BirthPlace staff new what my plan was because we turned in our birth preference sheet during our childbirth class.” Tracie C.

Overall Experience

BirthPlace - mom in rocker | Longmont United Hospital

“I had a great experience at Longmont United Hospital. From the day I was admitted to the day I discharged. The rooms are very welcoming, and the nurses were great.” Irma

“All the nurses were wonderful. They were all great and helped me feel at ease as a first time mom.” Christine

“I didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home. It was so comfortable here and there was always a person to help us and answer questions. We had really good care.” Brad

“It’s a great place. The nurses are very nice and they attend to you very well. We had a couple nurses that even were very hospitable to my husband and my mom. They were staying with me for a couple of nights. Very hospitable.” TJ A.


BirthPlace - Doulas | Longmont United Hospital

“I really liked the idea of having a doula and my OB recommended Darcie Ell. I really liked that my OB and my doula already had an established relationship.” Rebekah C.

“I was also very impressed with the teamwork exhibited between my doula and the nursing staff at the BirthPlace.” Rebekah C.

“Having a Doula with us during our birth allowed us to really concentrate on the experience.” Tracie C.

“Having a doula was very helpful for me because when you haven’t had a baby before you don’t know what labor will be like.” Mindy G.

Nurses' Perspective

BirthPlace - nurse | Longmont United Hospital

“We want to include our patients and their family in their care. We want them to know what their plan of care is, what is going on, who their nurses are, who is taking care of them and their babies.” Kim F, RN

“We have state of the art medical equipment, outstanding staff that is very caring, considerate, and knowledgeable and we offer a smaller setting, more personalized.” Kim F., RN

“Some people like a natural childbirth and some people want a pain- free childbirth and some people have different ways that they want to deliver. They either want the Jacuzzi experience or they want to be walking around. We try to make each person’s childbirth experience unique to what they want it to be.” Tricia H., RN

“We want them to have a comfortable safe experience with excellent care. We have excellent technology. We have a beautiful facility. That makes everything comfortable and safe, but the key to their experience here is the nurses and the compassion and care that they provide in their childbirth experience. “Bobbi B., RN

“One of the things we are proud to provide for our babies is we have neonatal nurse practitioners who contract from the Children’s Hospital who are here 24/7. If we have a baby that needs more intensive care in our special care nursery, we have really skilled neo natal care nurse practitioners here to help us provide that care.” Bobbi B., RN

“At Longmont United Hospital we make sure all the moms and babies get to stay together as much as possible, – as much as the baby’s wellness will allow. At Longmont United Hospital we have a very family oriented birth place unit.” Erika A., RN

Doctors’ Perspective

BirthPlace - doctor | Longmont United Hospital

“At Longmont United Hospital we focus on – on the entire family. The entire family is going through the birth experience. The husband is just as involved as a woman. He may not be in labor but it means as much to him as his wife. The nurses really recognize that and they try to care for both parts of the couple. The most important goal of course is keeping both mom and baby healthy but I think at Longmont United Hospital we can do that in a very caring way and make this a truly beautiful birth experience.” Brian Nelson, MD

“I think patients think of a hospital as sort of a sterile, serious environment. At Longmont United Hospital, we really try to make it a beautiful experience, -very warm and friendly. At the BirthPlace, women can sit in a Jacuzzi tub, watch a DVD in the early parts of labor, listen to music, and have a massage.” Brian Nelson, MD

“We are fortunate to have such a beautiful facility. And the whole team at the BirthPlace really works well together from the nurses to all the support staff to the anesthesiologist and pediatricians. And of course the obstetricians. It’s a fun place to be and we have happy parents.” Jenny Kim, MD