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Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness at Longmont United Hospital

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are two of several symptoms that indicate a potential problem with heart health. At Longmont United Hospital, we’re proud to partner with three Longmont, CO cardiologists (Linda Backup, Murry Drescher, John Stathis) who work exclusively with our Planetree Designated Hospital. That means better, faster patient care and an enhanced healthcare experience for our patients.

High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol? Our Longmont Cardiologists Can Help

High blood pressure, as defined by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health, is a serious condition that can lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and other health problems. Blood pressure, which is the measure of force applied by blood against the walls of the arteries, can damage the body if it stays elevated over a prolonged period of time. Our cardiologists can help you manage this serious condition with expert, patient-focused care.

If you don’t think you have high blood pressure, you might be in for a surprise. The NIH reports that over 30 percent of American adults have high blood pressure. Unfortunately, high blood pressure has no obvious symptoms — without regular care, you could be damaging your heart, kidneys and blood vessels. When you schedule an appointment with our Longmont, Frederick and Boulder area cardiologists, you can take steps to prevent future serious conditions resulting from high blood pressure.

High Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance in your blood, and its level can become too high. There are many reasons for high cholesterol, including a diet high in saturated fat and high cholesterol, being overweight, and not being physically active. There are also some genetic factors you can’t control, such as age, gender and heredity.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health, the higher your blood cholesterol level, the greater your risk is for developing heart problems. Cholesterol builds up along the walls of your arteries, leading to “hardened arteries.” When the arteries are hardened, they become narrow and reduce blood flow to the heart — they can even block it. Without enough blood and oxygen getting to your heart, you may experience chest pain. And if your heart’s blood supply is completely blocked, you will have a heart attack.

High cholesterol doesn’t cause any symptoms. If you have high cholesterol, you won’t know it without getting a blood test. By scheduling regular appointments with our cardiologists, you can ensure your blood cholesterol levels are within safe ranges and your risk of heart disease is low.

High Cholesterol can affect anyone — age, race and sex do not matter. Regular exercise and a healthier diet can reduce high cholesterol. Prevent future heart problems by taking control over your health today.

Treating High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol

Your first step is scheduling an appointment to check your blood pressure and perform a cholesterol screening. We provide these screenings at each of our Milestone Medical Group Longmont, Frederick and Boulder CO-area practices. Our physicians will provide feedback on how you can improve your diet and lifestyle to positively affect your overall health.

After A Cardiac Event

After you go home from Longmont United Hospital, rehabilitation and prevention will continue until you successfully change to a lifestyle needed for overall heart wellness. As one of your partners to healthy living, we assist you in obtaining self-care by teaching you:

  • How to exercise safely? How to exercise regularly? How to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle?
  • How to make the right nutritional choice? How is your new nutritional plan working?
  • What heart medications do?
  • How to stop smoking? What options are available?
  • What are the different approaches to control your blood pressure?

Longmont United Hospital's cardiac rehabilitation class encompasses exercise, nutrition, living with heart disease, smoking, and any concern you feel needs to be addressed. It is designed to assist individuals who have just had a cardiac event (such as heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty) and have a high risk factor (such as angina, high cholesterol or high blood pressure) to work toward cardiovascular fitness. Medical personnel and exercise specialists provide a safe atmosphere while supervising the program. There are also many educational resources and opportunities to ask question about medications, diet and the disease process. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect is the support that develops among the participants.

As part of the Longmont United Hospital cardiac wellness program,Health Ambitions provides exercise and health education programs specifically designed for adults who have been ill, had an injury, or need heart rehabilitation. We keep you physically and medically safe as you recover, move, and learn. We help you relax, lose weight or develop a plan for good health.

Schedule an Appointment Today

At Longmont United Hospital, you will benefit from patient-focused care from our rehabilitation team. Schedule an appointment today for cardiac rehabilitation, 303.651.5121, and make heart health your top priority.