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Diabetes Self-Management Program

At Longmont United Hospital we offer a Diabetes Self-Management Program to help patients control their diabetes. This program integrates all aspects of self-management – behavioral, medical and emotional – to support lasting behavior change. It provides the most current diabetes management information so participants can make informed decisions about managing their diabetes. The Diabetes Self- Management Program is designed for people with pre-diabetes, type 1, type 2, or diabetes during pregnancy and includes:

  • An initial extensive assessment with a nurse and dietitian
  • Group classes or individual sessions with client-centered goal-setting
  • Latest information on meal planning, exercise, medications, stress management and other key issues
  • Family members or support partners are welcome to all sessions
  • Focus on empowerment of participants to identify goals and steps to achieve these goals
  • Access to the Diabetes Care Team that includes nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, exercise specialists and counselors. Certified Diabetes Educators who specialize in diabetes will be available.
  • Ongoing access to the Diabetes Care Team for phone consultation after completion of the program
  • Opportunity to participate in monthly support group

Signing up for the Diabetes Self- Management Program

Patients will need to ask their doctor to complete a written prescription for Diabetes Education. The doctor faxes a copy of the prescription with the patient’s diagnosis and health insurance card to Centralized Scheduling at Longmont United Hospital. 303.651.5150.

Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Class

These classes assist each client in developing a personal plan for a healthier future. Classes involve individual time with a diabetes educator, interactive presentations by experts and lots of discussion about real-life challenges and solutions.

Gestational Diabetes or Pregnancy with Existing Diabetes Class

Women who develop diabetes during pregnancy or who become pregnant with pre-existing diabetes receive individual care to manage their diabetes and have healthy babies. The team maintains communication with the client and her obstetrician throughout the pregnancy and after delivery.

Non-English Speaking or Others with Special Needs Class

The Diabetes Self-Management Education Team adapts to meet special needs, such as language barriers, physical challenges or learning limitations. Diabetes - En Español

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