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Women's Imaging Center, a service of Longmont United Hospital

Women’s Ultrasound and Mammogram at Longmont United Hospital

If you or someone you care about needs a mammogram or ultrasound near Longmont, CO, the Women’s Imaging Center at Longmont United Hospital can help. Located in Boulder County, our mammogram and imaging services has provided outstanding quality care in a patient-centered environment. With a firm commitment to providing superior patient service and a focus on holistic care, the Women’s Imaging Center will focus on your individual health for ultrasound and mammograms services in the Longmont, Boulder and Frederick, CO-areas.

A Commitment to Patient-Focused Service and Care

The Women’s Imaging Center believes that the best care begins with preventive screenings and early detection. Your healthcare needs are different than anyone else’s, and that’s why the Women’s Imaging Center offers a personalized, environment when mammogram and ultrasound screenings are necessary.

We have won the Breast Imaging Center of Excellence* Award since 2007, a designation that recognizes the Women’s Imaging Center’s dedication to improving women’s health by participating in rigorous quality assurance programs. We believe in preventive screenings for all men and women.

Three-dimensional Mammography

The Women’s Imaging Center is the first and only Longmont facility to offer 3D mammography – called breast tomosynthesis – for breast cancer. Breast tomosynthesis produces a three-dimensional view of the breast tissue providing greater visibility for the radiologist to see breast tissue detail in a way not possible before.

The 3D mammogram offers exceptionally sharp breast images reducing the need to call women back for a “second look” by 20 to 40 percent, according to recent studies. In addition, studies have shown that 3D mammography finds cancers earlier than traditional 2D mammography alone, with a 27 percent increase in cancer detection and 40 percent increase in invasive cancer detection.

A 3D mammogram is very similar to a traditional mammogram. There is no additional compression of the breast and it only takes a few seconds longer for each view. Schedule a 3D mammogram 303.651.5121

Mammography | Longmont United Hospital

Schedule a Mammography, Bone Densitometry or Ultrasound

When scheduling a mammogram, bone densitometry or ultrasound exam, you want a fast appointment and easy scheduling. With the Women’s Imaging Center, scheduling an appointment is simple -- just call Centralized Scheduling at 303-651-5121 to request an appointment. You will need an order from your physician for any Breast MRI or Ultrasound exam. Once you have an order, your doctor's office or you can request the appointment.

The Women’s Imaging Center offers a diverse range of tests for men and women in a convenient location services in Longmont, Boulder and Frederick, CO-area locations. From ultrasound-guided needle biopsy to a standard mammogram, you’ll always receive prompt, expert care. Our exams include:

  • Osteoporosis testing for men or women
  • Body Composition
  • All mammograms are performed digitally with computer-aided detection (CAD)
  • Screening mammograms
  • Diagnostic mammograms
Pre-surgical wire localization
Stereotactic guided needle biopsy
Breast MRI
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Ultrasound guided needle biopsy
  • Ultrasound guided cyst aspiration

A Full Range of Care Services

The physicians and medical professionals of Longmont United Hospital provide a full range of medical services to complement the Women’s Imaging Center. At Longmont United Hospital, you can be assured you’re receiving great care – Three physicians in our obstetrics and gynecology group have earned the Center of Excellence Award for Minimally Invasive Gynecology. From internal medicine to gastrointestinal medicine to prenatal care, you’ll be less stressed and more committed to your health when you trust Longmont United Hospital with your care.

Schedule an appointment by calling 303.651.5121, and Change The Caring Experience with Longmont United Hospital.