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Patient Requested Lab Services

While lab tests should never replace an exam by a physician, they can be useful for detecting and monitoring medical conditions. At Longmont United Hospital, we offer patient requested lab services for your convenience and as money saving strategy. Please keep in mind, all Patient Requested Lab Services must be paid at time of service and are not eligible for processing through health insurance.

Ordering Patient Requested Lab Services

At your convenience, stop by at registration and fill out form requesting the lab tests you would like. Please remember all tests are paid at time of service and are not eligible for processing through health insurance. We accept credit cards and cash; sorry no checks. If you have questions, please email labservices@luhcares.org.

Health Profiles Offered, Pricing

  • Blood Counts or Anemia Check
    • Blood Count $20
    • Folate $30
    • Iron Panel $45
    • Vitamin B12 $30
    • Ferritin* $30
  • Blood Typing (ABO/Rh) $35
  • Coumadin Monitoring (PT) $20
  • Diabetes Testing
    • Glucose* $15
    • Hemoglobin A1C $25
  • Endocrinology (Hormone) Screenings
    • Testosterone Free & Total $45
    • Testosterone Total $30
    • Progesterone $30
    • Estradiol/Estrogen $30
    • FSH $30
    • LH $30
    • Prolactin $30
  • General Health Panel $75
    • CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipid Panel
  • General Health Testing
    • Basic Metabolic Panel $25
    • Comprehensive Metabolic $30
    • Electrolytes (Lytes) $20
  • Gout and Arthritis Screenings
    • Uric Acid $30
    • Rheumatoid Factor $30
    • ANA Screen $50
  • Health Plus Profile $125
    • General Health, CRP, Homocysteine
  • Heart Disease Testing
    • Lipid Panel* $35
    • Cardio CRP $35
    • Homocysteine $35
  • Heart Health Profile $75
    • Lipid Panel, CRP, Homocysteine
  • Heparin Monitoring (PTT) $20
  • Inflammation Screening Tests
    • C-Reative Protein $20
    • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate $15
  • Kidney Function Screenings
    • Renal Function Panel $25
    • Creatinine $15
    • Urinalysis $20
  • Liver Function Tests
    • Liver Function Panel $25
    • Bilirubin $15
  • Mononucleosis Test $20
  • Pre-Employment/ Immunization Testing
    • Rubeola(Measles) $20
    • Mumps $20
    • Rubella $20
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox) $20
  • Pregnancy Test $20
  • Prostate Screening (PSA) $40
  • Strep Throat Screen $40
  • Thyroid Screening
    • TSH $35
    • Free T4 $25
    • Free T3 $25
  • Urine Drug Screen $50
  • Vitamin D (D2, D3) $50

  • *Fasting Recommended

How will you receive test results?

All test results will be mailed directly to your home within two business days from when the tests were completed. Results will not be mailed to physicians. If you want to discuss the test results with your physician, you will need to bring your results to your next appointment.

To help you understand the test results, each test will have a normal range displayed. You will be able to review this range and understand where improvement is needed. If a result is high or low, we recommend you see a physician. If you do not have a physician and it is suggested you see doctor, please go to Find a Physician to set an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my results?

Results of patient requested lab tests will be reported back only to the patient. Testing is usually completed in three to five days. Results will be mailed to the address given on the lab order form. We know patients will be eager to get their results and our staff will work to get results out as soon as possible.

Am I going to be charged extra for collection, processing, or an enrollment fee?

You will be happy to know that there are no extra fees.

Can Longmont United Hospital send a physician a copy of the results?

Results of patient requested lab tests will be reported back only to the patient. The patient will then need to take these results to their physician.

How can Longmont United Hospital offer this discount?

Because payment for the tests are collected at the time of service, the hospital does not have to process or mail insurance claims, invoices, and other paperwork. The cost savings can be passed on to the patients in the form of low-test fees.

Can the laboratory explain these results to me?

As this program is not a substitute for medical care from a qualified health professional, Longmont United Hospital recommends you see your physician about your results. You can also find information regarding tests at www.labtestsonline.org.

I don’t have a doctor; what do I do?

A doctor can be found by going to Find a Physician. 

How can I pay for my services?

Full payment is collected at the time of service in order to receive the lower test fees. Payment can be made by cash or credit card only.

Why can’t I submit this to my insurance company?

Patient requested lab services will not be processed through health insurance. The cost savings of not using the hospital’s claim and billing process allows us to offer the patient much lower test fees.

Why would a patient want to pay directly rather than submit to their insurance company?

Some patients know that they will not meet their deductible. The patients can save money by ordering their own lab services through this program. By paying for their tests up front, the patient will receive the lower test fees.

Can I have a doctor’s order and use this program?

Yes, absolutely. You will need to complete a Patient Requested Lab Services form and mark the tests your physician has ordered. Some physician offices will complete the form for you if they know you want to use this program. After you receive your test results, you will then need to take them to your physician.

What if some of the test numbers are too high or too low?

Longmont United Hospital recommends that you follow up with a health care professional about your lab results. This is especially important if some of the test numbers are above or below normal range. If any of a patient’s test numbers are extremely abnormal, one of our laboratory physicians (a pathologist) will notify the patient and recommend that they seek medical care.