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Clinical Results

Clinical results to date have been comparable to those of conventional antireflux surgery. Data support the safety of TIF and its efficacy in eliminating typical and atypical symptoms, reducing daily use of medication and normalizing acid reflux.

Published literature indicates: [1-5]

  • 79%-93% of patients are off of daily PPIs
  • TIF significantly improves GERD symptoms such as heartburn in 64-80% of patients
  • TIF has a superior safety profile compared to conventional antireflux surgery. Complications are few, mild and transient - 100% resolve within 3-4 weeks. Serious adverse events are lower than conventional antireflux procedures.
  • Long-term results support TIF valve durability and their effectiveness in controlling GERD in over 80% of patients

Click here for a comprehensive listing of clinical publications on TIF.

[1] Barnes WE, et al. Transoral incisionless esophago-gastric fundoplication offers high patient satisfaction and relief of therapy-resistant typical and atypical symptoms of GERD in community practice. Surgical Innovation (published online Feb 8, 2011).
[2] Bell RCW, Freeman K. Clinical and pH-metric outcomes of transoral esophago-gastric fundoplication for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Surgical Endoscopy (published online on Dec 13, 2010).
[3] Cadière GB, et al. Antireflux transoral incisionless fundoplication using EsophyX: 12-month results of a prospective multicenter study. World Journal of Surgery 2008; 32:1676-1688.
[4] Cadière GB, et al. Two-year results of a feasibility study on antireflux transoral incisionless fundoplication (TIF) using EsophyX. Surgical Endoscopy 2009; 23:957-964.
[5] Velanovich V. Endoscopic, endoluminal fundoplication for gastroesophageal reflux disease: initial experience and lessons learned. Surgery 2010; 148:646-53.

For more information on the TIF procedure, view this site: www.GERDHelp.com.

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